Pete's cup 1
White ceramic tea cup. Printed.
Pete's cup 1 detail
White ceramic tea cup. Printed.
Pete's printed glass bottles
Direct print on glass bottles.
Pete's cup 2
White ceramic coffee cup. Printed.
Pete's cup 2 detail
White ceramic coffee cup. Printed.
Pete's printed plastic bottles
Direct print on plastic bottles.
Pete's thermos photo-engraved
Stainless steel thermos photo-engraved in circular. Plastic lid. Client- Pulpo Escafandra.
Pete's sandblasting
Glass sandblasting (Gives deeper cuts than etching.)
Pete's tag detail
Image of Pete's tag.
Pete's promotionals
Assortment of promotional items; key chains, pens, wrist bands, rulers, lanyards, magnets, buttons, etc. Printed. Clients- various.
Pete's glass plate + paper weight
Etched glass plate on a wooden base. Glass paper weight, printed on one side. Client- USMC.
Pete's glass assorted
Assortment of both machine made and individual hand blown glass ware either etched or printed. Clients- various.
Pete's cups + wood barrel
Ceramic coffee cups, direct full color print, 11 oz. Custom hand made wooden barrel, burn etched on front and back. Clients- various.
Pete's tile personalized
Custom made ceramic tiles. Full color print, 8" x 8". Client- Ramsay family.
Pete's embossing
Embossing technique. Great for leather, faux leather and polyester.
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