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Pete's, 25 years of
experience with t-shirt
print and embroidery,

shows the true fibers
of hands-on experTee's
that make a colorful

our know how

Pete's 25 year experience is dedicated to the highest quality possible

in screen print and embroidery that our clients need and expect.

These are some of the satisfied clients, from over 300 around the world,

we are proud of:


Mexico- Embassies of USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela and Australia. US Consulate Monterrey, US Marine Corps, Hash House Harriers, Christ Church, Acemire de México, Ararat, Akzo Nobel, Flying Pictures, Corit, Westhill Institute,

Club Reforma, Deportivo Chapultepec


World wide- The White House, US Marine Corps of Cameroon, Paraguay and Peru, Hash House Harriers Rome, ZinnoBer, ExpoCom, Toolmex, Tequila Invasion

Each step of the process from the clients idea to the finished product is checked, rechecked and checked again within a planned timeframe.

The idea

The design

The result

Meet Pete

"I love my job. That's what makes Pete's function. We all enjoy what we do and it shows both in our products and with our clients."

Pete's T-shirts

Pete's T-shirts

mens, womens, childrens, round neck, v neck, long sleeve, tank tops, strap top, dry fit, company, reunion, school, art pieces, etc.

Pete's polo shirt

Pete's polo shirt

mens, womans, childrens, solid, striped, 2 tone, collarless, etc.

Pete's caps

Pete's caps

6 sided, 5 cut top, flat front, mesh, dry fit, etc.

Pete's bags

Pete's bags

tote bag, gift bag, handbag, drawstring bag, shopping bag, ecological bag kangaroo bag, backpack, etc.

Pete's jackets & hoodies

Pete's jackets & hoodies

sweatshirts, beanies, varsity jackets, windbreakers, etc.

Pete's uniforms

Pete's uniforms

baseball, soccer, bowling shirt, racing shirt, golf vest, dry fit, etc. Work shirts, aprons, ties, scarfs, pants, etc.

Pete's embroidery

Pete's embroidery

metallic embroidery, patches, embossing, etc.

Pete's special items

Pete's special items

glass, wood, ceramic, metal, tiles, plaques, promotionals, embossing, etc.

contact for Pete's sake

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Mexico City

T: (+52 1 55) 5651 1831

C: (044) 55 3962 1616

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Ask Pete’s about world wide shipping.

see our area of experTee's

With Pete’s experTee’s, you’re in good hands!

Pete’s team is dedicated to providing superb customer care and amazing final results. It’s all in the details. Learn more about the team and what we stand for.


Traditional and special services:

Screen printing, embroidery, corporate ID or unique designs, tampography, sand blast, etching, specialty and custom made items. All made to your ideas and needs.

Get inspired!


Pete's rePeters

Uncensored Customer Reviews.

Read what real customers have to say about their Pete’s experience.

"La calidad, servicio y entrega a tiempo es algo que nosotros valoramos mucho en nuestra compañía. Y Pete’s siempre ha cumplido con nuestras expectativas."

Banda de Gaitas del BSP.

"I've been very pleased with the high quality of the work that was done for us - as well as the fact that we received our orders in a timely manner. Great job!"

Paz y Bien,  F. H.- Christ Church

"As a matter of course, I seldom provide recommendations on products and/or services primarily because my experiences may be different from others. However, in the case of product and services of graphics, I highly recommend Pete's. I have experienced their attention to detail to ensure that the work is completed the first time without error, on time, on multiple projects. Lastly, their services are priced fairly, which is why they have repeat customers."  

Rev. R.D., Deacon- Arizona

"Pete's nos capta la idea y nos sorprende por la entrega total hacía nosotros y

a sus productos. Muy recomendable."

Enrique Villavicencio,

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. de C.V.

"Pete's piensa en mis necesidades y

va más allá de lo pedido. ¡Excelente!"

María de Pilar Martínez,

Acemire de México S.A. de C.V.

“Me permito recomendar ampliamente a la empresa Pete’s en la elaboración de mercancía y productos varios con nuestro logo. La experiencia que hemos tenido con esta empresa es por más de 8 años y ha sido excelente, contando con la calidad y puntualidad de entrega de los productos que nos provee, es sin duda una buena opción segura para proveer a su empresa de productos originales y de magnífica calidad.”

Ana S. González, Asistente Administrativo,

Embassy US Employee Association

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